Status Update on IPv6 and Lil' Holmes

Last modification on 2022-06-16

This just a mini status update.

The clearnet VPS this site is hosted on ( sadly doesn't provide an IPv6 address, so the site was pretty much only on IPv4. Thanks to qorg11 I now have an IPv6 /96 prefix on the VPS and have it shared to my home as a /112 prefix too, both via wireguard :D. Much thanks to qorg tech support!

Other things to note are that Lil' Holmes and my git-daemon are currently down as a result of me switching my homeserver back to OpenBSD from FreeBSD and will be coming back soon^tm. For Lil' Holmes, I will be writing a Perl CGI script because all it with sost is just duckduckgo and wiby, so I think this will be a much simpler replacement. This time Lil' Holmes will actually be on clearnet once it's done too!